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Skip Hire Glasgow / Paisley

We deliver a competitive skip hire service in Glasgow, Paisley & Renfrew area.

Providing skips from 2 to 40 cubic yards. Our range of skips from Mini skips to Roll-On-Roll-Off skips can be used for domestic use or large commercial projects.

Glasgow, Paisley, Renfrew Skip Hire

We always provide a cost effective, reliable, efficient skip hire service.

If you need a skip quickly or a skip to be collected, we are the first choice in Glasgow.

We can offer a wait and load service if the skip cannot be left on site and if needed we can also offer lockable skip hire in the Glasgow / Paisley area.

If you have any questions or are unsure about what size skip is required, please call a member of our team and we will be able to advise you on the best skip to hire based on the information you provide us.



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kPlease note that skips cannot be placed on roads with yellow lines, grass verges, alleyways, entryways or anywhere that would cause an access problem.
This price list is subject to change at any time at our discretion without notice.

skip hire glasgow

2 Ton – Skip Hire Glasgow

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

The 2 ton skip will hold almost 2 cubic metres of waste. This equates to a total weight of 2 tonnes if the skip was to be filled with soil or heavy material. This skip will hold between 20-30 black bin bags of waste. This is most suitable for small DIY jobs or shed/garden clearances.

4 Ton – Skip Hire Glasgow

All prices are inclusive of VAT. The 4 ton skip will hold almost 4 cubic metres of waste. This equates to a total weight of 4 tonnes if the skip was to be filled with soil or heavy material. This skip will hold between 30 and 40 black bin bags of waste and is frequently used for larger amounts of household waste or replacing bathroom and kitchen units.

8 Ton – Skip Hire Glasgow

All prices are inclusive of VAT. The 8 ton skip also commonly known as the builders skip will hold almost 8 cubic metres of waste. This equates to a total weight of 8 tonnes if the skip was to be filled with soil or heavy material. This skip will hold between 60 and 80 black bin bags of waste. These skips are commonly used by builders for excavation jobs, such as digging foundations for extensions or for complete house clearances and major renovation projects.

12 Yard – Skip Hire Glasgow

Prices available on request. These are available as an enclosed skip for light materials only.

14 Yard – Skip Hire Glasgow

Prices available on request. These are available as an enclosed skip for light materials only.

Skip Hire Glasgow / Paisley

We provide a Professional and Reliable Service in Skip Hire, Recycling and Waste Management in Glasgow, Paisley and other Surrounding Areas.

Established since 1989, we offer the most Premier Waste Management Service in Glasgow. We are currently working with some of the Largest Companies in the U.K providing them with a Same Day Skip Hire Service and Waste Management Services.

We are family owned and here at Skip Hire Now Limited we retain a core ethos of excellent customer care employing experienced industry professionals and a dedicated team of support staff to provide the best service we can to all our customers be they large or Small.

4Ton Midi Skip: – Glasgow – Paisley – Renfrew
The 4Ton Midi Skip are mainly used for domestic hire and small building jobs. These will hold large items such as doors and radiators.

8 Ton Builders Skip: – Glasgow – Paisley – Renfrew
The 8Ton Builders Skip will hold 8 cubic yards of waste. These are the most popular skip used by builders and construction companies. They are used for holding larger items like three piece suits all types of builders waste and large excavation jobs.
Also available are 8Ton Enclosed Builders Skips. These are subject to availability.

Roll On Roll Off Skips:- Glasgow – Paisley – Renfrew
Roll on Roll off Skips are ideal for large retail, industrial, manufacturing, building and construction operations, where high volumes of waste are generated. These save on Transportation costs and can be provided as and when needed, or on a regular delivery and collection service.

20 Cubic Yard:- Glasgow – Paisley – Renfrew
These are suitable for heavy materials, e.g soil, brick.

40 Cubic Yard:- Glasgow – Paisley – Renfrew
These are suitable for lighter and bulkier materials.

30 Cubic Yard:- Glasgow – Paisley – Renfrew

Enclosed and Lockable Roll on Roll off Skips.

Tipper Hire:- Glasgow – Paisley – Renfrew
We have a large fleet of modern wagons.

We are committed to disposing your waste in an environmentally-friendly way. At least 90% of mixed general waste is recycled, thereby reducing the amount of waste sent to Landfill sites. For larger companies with high waste outputs, we can perform on-site audits and introduce waste segregation. Not only does waste segregation help the environment by raising recycling levels, but can also save money by reducing landfill taxes.

We offer Monthly Waste Recycling Reports to All customers to show All Waste that has been recycled in our Waste Transfer Recycling Facility.

We offer the following Recycling Reports to show all the Waste Recycled in our Waste Transfer Recycling Facility: Commercial Clearance Glasgow

*DAILY RECYCLING REPORT: This report gives a daily breakdown of each skip, showing the percentage of each waste in the skip, percentage of each waste recycled and the weight of each skip.

*MONTHLY RECYCLING REPORT: This report gives a monthly breakdown of all the waste removed from site, showing the percentage of each waste recycled, and the total weight of the waste removed.

We Recycle the following waste in our Recycling Facility:



Years Established

Completed Projects

Client Testimonials – Skip Hire Glasgow

After not being able to put my skip on the road, it was recommended to me by Andrew that I have a wait and load. This was most helpful , enabling me to get rid of my garden waste. One very pleased customer.


High quality customer service, skip was delivered quickly. It got here on time and was picked up on time too. The driver was very friendly. 5 out of 5.”


Very easy to work with. I was told when the skip would be dropped off and picked up. The rate I got was better than was advertised and the skip was picked up quickly. Thank you.”


Skip Hire Glasgow

Skip Hire Glasgow – Firm Promotes Cleaner And Neater Premises For Businesses And Domestic Customers


Skips are waste containers which are open topped and designed to be transported on the back of a specially designed lorry, The bins can hold large amounts of waste in a single trip. The construction and transportation of the bins helps to reduce the impact of the waste on the environment. The skip hire Glasgow company is a local firm which engineers its skips to have the least possible negative impact on the environment. The company refurbishes and re-purposes our skips by its own team.

As Glasgow and the entire United Kingdom operates during a transitional period, created by legislative changes which relate to handling and disposition of waste, companies within the industry must learn to think more creatively. As the handling and disposal of waste products becomes more and more regulated, responsible business owners and homeowners must think about more affirmative and proactive ways of handling trash before it becomes a detriment to the entire neighborhood. The Glasgow-based firm strives to become part of the new look and cleanliness standards. We also are very conscious of our reputation for customer services and customer satisfaction.



Skip Hire Glasgow – Skip Hire Paisley


While no businesses or homeowners appreciate piles of unconfined trash awaiting collection, a rusty, dirty or overly full garbage can or bin is not a sight that is aesthetically appealing, either. By placing the skips judiciously and arranging for pickup and transport regularly, the entire appearance of the grounds is improved. The bins are designed to be placed on the lorry and hauled away, before they becomes a detriment to the community where they are placed.

The skips are useful for regular trash collection for businesses which generate a large amount of trash on a daily or weekly basis. Since the bins come in various sizes, it is a wise move to consider getting a minimize-sized bin if you have only minimal amounts of trash in any given week or month. This procedure means that the joint homeowners or business owners will split the cost of the delivery.

While the costs of the bins and collection is competitive and affordable, it is a ecologically appealing procedure to combine with one or more neighbors to combine the trash into a single trip. This practice means that one truck comes to make the pickup on a regular basis, while several businesses or homeowners can combine trash in order to save on the costs of the pickup.

The Glasgow-based hire firm has a number of different sizes to offer the customer. Whether the rental of the bins is a one-time-only practice, or you expect there to be a more lengthy hire period; SkipHire Glasgow works wish the customer to determine the size of the bins which will create the most helpful and interesting response by the customer. The bins sizes which we currently have available, include the sizes which reflect the dimensions of the bin and its placement.

The smallest size of the bins we have is two cubic yards to as large of forty cubic yards. The range of bins which are available is extensive, from mini skips to those which are designed to roll on or roll off the transportational vehicle are intended to be held in place for trash collection in a single bin cuts down on the number of garbage trips which must be made by the professional team. The selected sizes are suitable for large or small commercial products or for domestic usage.

The two-ton containers are our smallest size and hold about two cubic yards, which is about two tons of heavy materials such as rocks or dirt. The midi-size bins are the 4Ton containers which are largely utilized for domestic hire projects and for small building projects. This size of container is useful to hold sizable items such as radiators and rocks. The thirty cubic yard containers are suitable for heavy materials such as bricks or soil. For customers who need to dispose of lighter and bulkier materials, the forty-yard bins are the answer.

The company has the right equipment to collect and transport the full bins to the appropriate disposal location, regardless of the size of the containers or the contents. The containers are available on a one-off basis, or to be emptied on a regular basis. There is no need for property owners or managers to deal directly with the skips, The firm takes care of identifying where the bins are placed for easy access and when to collect them.

Skip hires are useful in a number of environmental situations. A large bin is useful for contractor’s waste as building projects are begun and completed. Keeping track of all unwanted materials when demolition on a project is occurring is much easier to on a piecemeal basis.

The placement of skips is carefully regulated. They cannot be placed in alleyways, on roads with yellow lines, grass verges, entryways or in any area which would limit or cause problems with access. The access issue applies to pedestrians and users of our bins, as well as access at the time of pick-up for the containers. The trucks have to be able to place an empty bin where it doesn’t interfere with traffic flow or pedestrian traffic..

The size of the selected container is dependent upon the amount of trash which is generated by the firm. The local skip hire company is ready to work with the customers about the size of a preferred bin, as well as the frequency of pickup. The contents of the bin doesn’t matter to the drivers, since all products which are considered trash are confined in a single bin.

Our service area is comprised of Glasgow, Paisley and Renfrew. The professional team operates lorries out of these communities and all areas surrounding them. Since 1989, The firm has been recognized for its premier waste management services. We offer reliable professional services in Recycling, Skip Hire and Waste Management techniques. The family owned business is ready to operate its classes of lorries and bins for the benefit of business and commercial customers, regardless of your preferred type of projects which are using the skips.



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